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PRIP Trust is a unique organization dedicated exclusively to capacity building primarily of development organizations. PRIP Trust employs a unique model in capacity building to sustain development process by strengthening institutional base through building capacities of local institutions towards attaining Good Governance for empowering the disadvantaged women and men. Since its inception, PRIP Trust has been providing a wide range of capacity building support services to various development organizations and other agencies. PRIP Trust as an organization emerged as a sustainable capacity building support provider after the successful completion of the project titled “Private Rural Initiatives Program (PRIP)”.
Private Rural Initiatives Program was initiated as an USAID sponsored Project of PACT Inc., Washington, USA in November 1988. PRIP was conceptualized with the framework of “Three Generation of Voluntary Development Action” by Dr. David C. Korten. The project operated with about US$ 12 million for building Institutional Capacities of the Local Strategic NGOs, including other Civil Society Organizations, and also of the Public and Private Sector Institutions. In July 1996, PRIP emerged as an indigenous National Support Service Organization under Trust Act 1882, initially under the able leadership of Mr. Fazle Hasan Abed, Founder and Chair person of BRAC.
However, since 1996 PRIP Trust, as a national support organization, has been implementing Capacity Building (CB) programs to provide long-term institutional and human capacity development support to the strategic local NGOs and various issue based networks and forums in a systematic and sustainable approach. Major focus of PRIP Trust is to build institutional capacities of NGOs, Public and Private sectors including other Civil Society Organizations, towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational performance for attaining Good Governance.

Vision of PRIP Trust: A Center of Excellence for promoting “Good Governance” through building a vibrant, effective and gender equitable development sector by exploring and expanding human and institutional capacities in pursuance of Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency and Effectiveness.
Mission of PRIP Trust: The mission of PRIP Trust is to build human and institutional capacities of the development sector, particularly of NGOs, Issue based Networks, Forums and other Civil Society Organizations, and of the Public Sector (Government) for empowering marginalized people, particularly women, towards active participation in poverty reduction with a special focus on Local Government Functionaries and ensuring “Good Governance” within the institutional framework for initiating People Centered Governance.
PRIP systematically designs and delivers needs-based, conceptualized and customized support services to its development partners to make them efficient, effective, system-oriented, accountable, transparent, and gender-responsive Institutions, towards accomplishing their GOAL to empower the disadvantaged segment of the society, and women in particular. PRIP nurtures and values commitment and professionalism in designing and delivering quality services, with a holistic approach; and walks along with the Organizations.

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