United Efforts for Rural Development [UERD]

Vision of the organization:
A society where people live in dignity and security with gender balanced Environment.
Mission of the organization:
Works together with disadvantage poor community people to eliminate poverty and gender discrimination.
a) To promote micro level income generation activities (IGA) through mobilizing local resources;
b) To promote health education and family planning services so that they can avail the local health resources by themselves;
c) To eradicate illiteracy through functional and non-formal education;
d) To create awareness among the members of the groups about their present condition including their family life, human rights, social justice and economic condition;
e) To stimulate cooperative efforts to mobilize resources and capital of the community for promoting self-reliant people\\\'s organization.
f) Protection of Environment and conservation of natural resources and its wise uses; To ensure participation of the group members in Income Generating Activities.
g) To develop the disable through capacity building and skill development.
h) To build a gender balance society through social consciousness and participation.
i) To build awareness on disaster through preparedness and prevention program.
j) Establishment of own resources to increase income for the sustainability of the organization.
k) To promote ecologically sound agriculture, social-forestation and fisheries development.

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Name Designation Contact Number
Mr. Rabindu Chandra Roy Executive Director Phone: phone        Mobile: 01720-566027
Mr. Prodip Chandra Das Coordinator Phone: phone        Mobile: 01722673590


Project Name Duration Contact Person

Registration Information

Registration Authority Registratin Number
Social Welfare Sunam- 784/08
Joint Stock S-4226 (328)

Network Forum

3. The Bangladesh Anti- Tobacco Alliance