Bangladesh Development Service Center (BDSC)

Vision : changed
BDSC envisages making the country economically productive and equitable, socially just and bettering quality of life.

Initiate and materialize the comprehensive actions for achieving the sustainable development with participatory approach through a process of socio-economic empowerment of the poor in the country

• To enable the marginalized poor to identify their own problems and prepare action plan to overcome the problems by self-help initiatives.
• To develop community based organizations by organizing community people and capacity building.
• To improve health status of the poor people by enhancing support during delivery complicacy, awareness raising on health, hygiene and nutrition and supplementing nutritious food and vitamin.
• To create employment opportunities by initiating Income Generating Activities both in agriculture sector and off-farm.
• To ensure education for all giving special emphasis on girls .
• To create awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS through behaviour change communication.
• To increase and regeneration of forest resources to protect environmental degradation and restore ecological balance.
• To provide agricultural extension services of the farmers to increase productivity and ensure food security.
• To empower women through bringing change in behaviour, skill, attitude and knowledge by ensuring their participation in all sectors of development. Make them self-dependent through involving them with income generation activities.
• To create children friendly environment through skill development, mainstreaming in the formal education system and improve health condition so that they can become worthy citizen to the nation

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Name Designation Contact Number
Mr. Md.Hasan Ali Executive Director Phone: phone        Mobile: 01712186611
Mr. Md.Al Amin Project Manager Phone: phone        Mobile: 01781131426


Project Name Duration Contact Person
School Feeding Program 01 May 2014 - 31 December 2014 Mr. Md.Al Amin
Malaria Control Program(MCP) 01 July 2007 - 30 June 2015 Mr. Md.Al Amin

Registration Information

Registration Authority Registratin Number
Social Welfare Dh-01115(10/02/1982)
NGO Bureau DSW/FDO/R-139(03/02/1983)
Joint Stock S 745 of 1980-81

Network Forum

1. Bangladesh Shisu Adhikar Forum(BSAF)
2. Campain for Popular Esucation (CAMPE)
3. NGO Forum