Portal for All NGOs Working in Sunamganj

Welcome to "NGO Sunamganj" the unique place where you can find all the information related to the activities of NGOs working here in Suanmganj. Sunamganj is located in the Sylhet Division with the Sylhet District to its east, Habiganj District to its south and Netrokona District to its west. The Surma River and Kushiyara River run through the district whilst Ratna River criss-crosses the district and beyond. The district is famous for its flooded land called Haor. Tanguar Haor is the biggest one and the notable tourist attraction of the country. More than half of the year most of the places of the district stay under water. Communication within the district is improving but many places still hard to reach, especially in the rainy season. The rate of poverty is high and parameters of other socio-economic indices are low compare to other districts of the country.
This backward geographic condition coupled with fewer roads and bridge network makes Sunamganj one of the weak performing districts in terms socio-economic development. A good number of National and international NGOs working here directly or indirectly by the help of local partner NGOs. They operating program nearly every social sector like education, health, rural infrastructure, farming, micro-credit, income-generating-training etc. This site is developed to help government and NGOs to avoid overlapping in their operation of development program in one hard and maintaining transparency by providing relevant information to the stakeholders on the other hand. We hope the site will help all kinds of user including public officials, NGO workers, policy maker and researchers. We also expect your valuable suggestion to reshape this site in a better way. We strongly believe if the government and NGOs work with effective coordination and better understanding to each other, the event of emerging Bangladesh as a middle-income-country will not too far.